Words Of Adrenaline RKZ

Words of Adrenaline is the fourth studio mixtape from UK singer-songwriter and rapper, RKZ. Releasing 15 December 2012, Words of Adrenaline is a 17-track mixtape with guest features from Sian Sanderson and Sian Thomas; and production from Gifted The Great, Starchild, Trapsteppers and Suhnraw.

This new mix tape  incorporates an as yet unseen deeper, more poetic side of RKZ, along with strong R&B components dotted throughout. His previous mixtapes (Mr. Entertainer, Dark Night of the Soul and 21) were predominantly Hip-Hop, whereas Words of Adrenaline shows of a vocal ability that has greatly matured over the past couple of years. With classic Hip-Hop production, meshed with smooth R&B elements and intricate top lines; Words of Adrenaline professes to be RKZ’ ‘most mature body of work, to date’.

Over the course of 2012, RKZ began creating, compiling and releasing teasers from the mixtape. The first record dropped was the live performance over Kendrick Lamar’s She Needs Me, for DJ Kayper. The radio rip was released via his Soundcloud in May. Running Man, produced by Gifted The Great, was a Hip-Hop skit released via Soundcloud in September. It caught the attention of DJ Kayper once more, who demanded the 1 minute 33 seconds skit be extended so she could play it on her BBC Asian Network show. The extended version will release as a bonus track on Words of Adrenaline. The first two music videos from the mixtape were Gemineye’s Mind (released October) and Jhené’s Song (released November). Both videos gained fast exposure, with Jhené’s Song even getting the co-sign from Def Jam recording artist, Jhené Aiko. The lead single Superstars, will be releasing 1 January 2013.

You can download the mix tape right here!

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