Lady Gaga Shows Off Black Eye After Accident With Dancer



Lady Gaga tweets a picture of her black eye! (image above). This happened at one of her gigs in New Zealand when a dancer accidentally hit her with a metal pole.

The singer still managed to make her black eye look like a fashion statement with her luscious red lipstick.

Gaga felt the need to explain the incident to her fans:

“I want to apologise. I did hit my head and I think I may have concussion but don’t you worry I will finish this show”

The next morning Lady Gaga tweeted the image above with this caption:

“Emerging from hours of sleep. Still remiss if I should go outside, with this clonker I may be of questionable styling.”

The image received many sympathetic tweets from her little monsters, she replied:

“Thank you so much for all the thoughtful messages. I feel a bit woozy but a little better everyday. Very happy to be in beautiful Australia.”

Hopefully Gaga’s stage performers will have better eye coordination next time!


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