Akshay Kumar Gets Serious In Gritty Heist Film Special Chabbis


Superstar Akshay Kumar showcases his promotional savvy side for his new film Special Chabbis. Having mastered the visual delivery of the message through his honed acting skill, Akshay makes his initiative and strategic involvement well acknowledged with these marketing activites. Akshay explored other unique ways to bring his character ‘Mon Singh’ and the true life 1980’s event back to life on the big screen. An innovative teaser campaign was devised to support the launch of the film which is used to excite, anticipate a thrill whilst educating people about the raids in various cities in India.


Special Chabbis, where Akshay plays a thrilling conman who recruits 26 men to pose as police officers to fulfil one of India’s biggest scams, was based around the real Mumbai raids of 1987. The actor was so inspired by the true life element of the film that he had a commissioned a unit to recreate a CBI’s 1980’s vintage briefcase for his character, conman and fake CBI officer.

Akshay will also be meeting with real CBI officers in Mumbai for a press conference which will further highlight the fact that Indian officials work hard to do what they can to create a safer India. The event will also shed light on how police involved themselves to help the 1987 scam.

Be Asian.

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