Izzy Rahman Releases His Mixtape Take 1: The Director’s Cut

Izzy Rahman BeAsian

It’s the moment that we have all been waiting for as BBC Introducing Artist, actor, director, Izzy Rahman has released his anticipating mixtape Take 1: The Directors Cut. Each track is part of a story which is in the form if a mixtape.

The mixtape features 3 collaborations with Rita Morar, Ashley David and MC Zani.

Producers that worked on the mixtape include Ruthless, Waz, Nitruzz, Insomniak, The Messengers and Diamond Styles. The EP was engineered by P2J who also instructed vocal production along with Ashley David.

When the singer announced that he would be releasing his mixtape, Izzy released a statement which reads:

 “A directors cut is a special edit of a film to represent a director’s own approved version. BBC Introducing Artist, director & actor, Izzy Rahman, presents his 1st mixtape “Take 1: The Director’s Cut”.There’s two sides to a story – and this is his. “Each track is a part of a story that leads on to the next, a film in the form of a mixtape!”

The first track Intro plays a little insight into the interview he had with Bobby Friction on BBC Asian Network which earned him his title of a BBC introducing Artist. Izzy was invited to speak to Bobby who found him through his music about his many passions of being a videographer, singer and filming.

The Director’s Cut features beatboxing champion MC Zani. The single starts with a little amusement and as Izzy sings, Zani beatboxes alongside him.

The next track on the tracklist is Fallin’ which features Rita Morar. The single describes of falling in love with someone who doesn’t realise the person’s attention.

Don’t Judge Me is a cover to Chris Brown’s original song – which Izzy has previously released. The track shows more of an emotional side as it conveys someone’s feelings of being in a love – hate relationship with someone.

The Intermission is a short track; the single defines the different phases a relationship goes through.

The next track to follow is the debut single Away. A song focusing on the matter of someone stuck in a relationship but because of mutual feelings of love it’s hard to leave the other person.

Recovery trails after; breaking up with his girl, he leaves home wandering until a car pulls up beside, inviting him in for a drive and a laugh. A car crash follows and two years later he meets her who doesn’t remember him because of a coma, forgetting everything previous to the accident.

Invisible Love is the second single that was released after Away. The track features Ashley David (singer/songwriter & vocal producer). A story of someone being deceived by their lover but they are too blind to notice the truth. Whilst the deception happens, the outsider waits patiently for the infidelity to prevail.

Track 9 and 10 are remixes of the original tracks.


  1. Intro
  2. The Director’s Cut (feat. MC Zani)
  3. Fallin’ (feat. Rita Morar)
  4. Don’t Judge Me
  5. The Intermission
  6. Away
  7. Recovery
  8. Invisible Love (feat. Ashley David) [BONUS]
  9. Away (Funky House Remix) [BONUS]
  10. The Director’s Cut (feat. MC Zani) (Instrumental) [BONUS]

To download your copy click on the link below: http://www.mediafire.com/?avapr54qiaxpqb2


By Aliyaah

Be Asian

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