Top ‘Ten’ Girls Aloud

10 years ago the most successful girl group of all time were formed on a reality show called  Popstars: The Rivals. They went on to sell over  10 million records worldwide, are the first and only girl band to achieve 20 consecutive top ten singles, including four number ones and have become the most successful group formed from a reality show ever. Girls Aloud consists of Cheryl Cole, 29, Nadine Coyle, 27, Sarah Harding, 30, Nicola Roberts, 27 and Kimberley Walsh, 30. The girls are back from a three year hiatus to mark their 10 year anniversary and their new single, ‘Something New’ which is also the official song for Children In Need, was released on 18th November 2012.

Their second greatest hits album ‘Ten’, is released today, including the number one singles, ‘Sound of the Underground’, I’ll Stand By You’ and ‘The Promise’ as well as new singles ‘Something New’ and ‘Beautiful Cause You Love Me’. Ahead of the album release, a survey of the ten most popular tracks, voted for by 50 of Girls Aloud’s biggest fans via Twitter feed

@GirlsAloudMedia and, is outlined below:

10. Whole Lotta History (chart position #6) 

Released in 2006, the girls jetted off to Paris to shoot the video for this slushy number which some say is ‘the’ ballad of Girls Aloud. @KWalshCoUk on Twitter says,

It suits all their voices and the video is amazing”

while @LoveIsPainxo said

the lyrics are so meaningful”.

With its touching lyrics and string accompaniment, this was the beginnings of a more mature sound from pop’s biggest sensation.

9. Something New (chart position # -)

This is the first we’ve heard from the girls sincethey took a 3 year break in 2009 and has been well received from fans due to its feisty lyrics and feeling of empowerment. It’s very much girl power at its best, boasting lyrics such as, “We girls gonna run this show” and “We’re the leaders of the pack”. Showbiz reporter Dan Wootton tweeted after the girls’ performance on Children In Need,

“That was so SO good. Girls Aloud are well and truly back”

Meanwhile, Cheryl herself tweeted her instructions to go and buy the track which was released on the 18th November,

8. Call The Shots (chart position #3)

This was the second single release from Girls Aloud’s fourth studio album, ‘Tangled Up’ and is said to be Cheryl’s favourite. Shot in Malibu, California, the video depicts a different story from each girl, all conveying the same message: women are as equally strong and successful as men. Nicola’s vocals on “So full of twilight, dreams that glitter” are beautiful yet simplistic and have become iconic words to Girls Aloud fans. ‘Call The Shots’ seems to be an old favourite on the Girls Aloud forums and from their album ‘Tangled Up’ which was released in 2007.

7. Biology (chart position #4)

Biology’ is a classic pop song with a simple and memorable dance routine. Ridiculously catchy, it is a typical Girls Aloud record that has people out with their fan base humming along to it and yet it has a vibe never heard before in a standard pop song. Matt… from the online forum says it’s his favourite song from the album,

Chemistry’, “Biology has a totally different structure to any song seen before…

Some say the video saw a change in Nicola, who around this time began embracing her pale skin. With rotating backdrops and numerous costume changes, the video is a fun and polished way to promote the song.

 6. Sexy! No No No… (chart position #5)

This was sudden change in direction for the bands sound, showcasing an edgier vibe and proving autotuning and synthisisers can be used to better a song. @LehaSofonia agrees by saying,

I LOVE Sexy No No No because it’s quite different from any other GA song

The video is a combination of feistiness and elegance, showing the girls in skin tight catsuits followed by billowing red dresses accompanied by an unusual dance routine. Cheryl’s intro is immediately distinctive and would perhaps have held some personal significance to the Geordie singer, as shortly after its release, it was discovered that her husband Ashley Cole, had been unfaithful. 

5. Love Machine (chart position #2)

Easily one of the catchiest riffs in Girls Aloud history, ‘Love Machine’ is still Nokia’s second “most exhilarating” song ever. Initially thought of as a ‘joke’, the single still peaked at the top end of the charts and has become one of the girls most well known hits. @IrishSoldier_X admits to it begin a crowd pleaser,

Once you go see the girls on tour ul understand that the ‘Dun dun dede du dun dun’ beat drives the place insane!

A song that clearly gets everybody on the dance floor, including the screeds of fans at Girls Aloud live concerts who go wild every-time they hear the introductory guitar riff, the number 2 smash became famous for its tacky outfits and cheesy lyrics: a perfect noughties pop song.

4. Untouchable (chart position #11)

Taken from the group’s fifth studio album, ‘Untouchable’ became the first single not to reach the top ten and was in fact the girls last single release before commencing their 3 year break from the music industry. This track seems to be a fan favourite and not nearly as widely known or liked as some of the others.

Ironically, launched a facebook campaign to get ‘Untouchable’ into the top ten on its release,…d=218518120982. Unfortunately, the song peaked at number 11.  Lasting a massive 6 minutes and 38 seconds, ‘Untouchable’, is electro-pop perfection and Girls Aloud’s biggest followers put it at number 4 in their top ten.

3. Sound of the Underground (chart position #1)

Fresh from winning Popstars: The Rivals in 2002, this was the band’s debut single and shot straight to the top spot, crushing boy band rivals One True Voice’s dreams of success. This will always hold a place in the hearts of true Girls Aloud fanatics as it was their first and the beginning of what was to become the biggest selling girl band in pop history. Speaking to the Metro, Kimberley relvealed this as being her favourite song to date,

It’s really special because it’s where it all began..

Featuring funky guitar riffs and a dance routine that was copied up and down the country by little girls dreaming of the same level of stardom, ‘Sound of the Underground’ was a statement made by five girls who intended to stay in the music business for a long time to come.

2. Something Kinda Ooh (chart position #3)

In at number 2 is the ultimate party song from the fivesome, full of energy and extremely cheesy lyrics. “Something kinda ooh, jumping on my toot toot…” gets everybody up and wanting to dance to the equally cheesy routine. Wearing PVC outfits and glow in the dark eye shadow, the video is the perfect companion for the song which oozes clichey Girls Aloud goodness. It seems to hold the same meaning for most fans, a time in their lives full of partying and being with friends as two of their biggest fans admit: Jill from forum says,

I have lots of good memories when I hear this song!”,

whilst @i_amnatashafierce viaTwitter writes,

It instantly makes me want to dance.

1.The Promise (chart position #1)  

In at number one in our chart is ’The Promise’. Taken from fifth album, ‘Out of Control’, it went Gold in the UK and is the number one favourite Girls Aloud track to date. An unusual sound for the girls, the throwback 1960’s retro hit was awarded ‘Best British Single’ at the BRIT Awards in 2009 and was lauded by music critics. The video was shot in a drive-in movie theatre, which saw Cheryl, Nadine, Nicola, Kimberley and Sarah embrace sequinned fish tail dresses, big hair and 60’s style automobiles. The group’s resident red- haired beauty, Nicola Roberts declares this as her favourite song.

We fought hard for this to be the first single from ‘Out of Control’…then it ended up being number one and we were really proud.”

This also became Girls Aloud’s fourth UK number one, proving to many that they were infact, the ‘supergroup’ of the noughties.

By Gillian,

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