Junai Kaden Sets The Record Straight About His Departure From The Stranger Family

Photography by MKV Photography

Since speculations rose earlier this year that Junai Kaden had left the Stranger Family brand, fans were informed  that he had ‘taken a break’ followed by that he had ‘walked away’, but recently Junai Kaden has decided to set the record straight.

In a series of tweets on his Twitter page, the singer says that he has kept his silence for various reasons but with his former manager Jamal Hirani spinning lies to the media, he has decided that he would tell the truth behind his departure.

Kaden explained that his reason to leaving the Stranger Family was due to Jamal being unprofessional, manipulative and be a bully:

“Due to the high level of bullying, lack of professionalism, manipulative behaviour, deceit and lies. I am no longer managed by Hirani.”

He continued as he said that whilst in his silence, Jamal has told fans untruthful news of Kaden’s status at Stranger Family:

Knowing that revealing his fans the truth, Jamal will make sure to destroy Kaden’s career:

“if my videos go missing, my websites and accounts go down its all his doing in order to finish and destroy my career.#FansDeserveTheTruth.

As he came to an end revealing the news, he thanked Mumzy Stranger for helping him launch his music career and getting him where he is now as he said:

“Lastly me and @MumzyStranger are brothers and always will be. He gave me a platform but unfortunately a managers greed and ego got in the way.”

Unfotunately, Kaden is not the first singer to leave the Stranger Family brand. Ramee Kaur is also another member who has left the brand after an incident that involved both Hirani and Culture Shock occured.

After it was revealed that due to unprofessialism by Hirani, the trio were unable to attend concerts that were planned. After Culture Shock released a video to explain what had happpened Kaur sided with them, indicating that they are telling the truth.

Making a decision to leave the Stranger Family brand, the 18 – year – old released a statement on her Facebook page, notifying her fans, saying:

“I am no longer a part of the “Stranger Family for reasons involving myself and my manager. I will mizz Mumzy, Tasha, Char & Javier very much. They are astounding artists.

“Working with Mumzy Stranger was an honour! An incredible singer and music producer. I wish them all the best in the future. I am very grateful and thankful to my team for getting me where I am today. But due to the continuous sheer unprofessionalism from my manager Jamal Hirani, I no longer want to work with him.”

By Aliyaah

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