Ramee Kaur Leaves The Stranger Family, Are They Falling Apart?

Speculations have risen that the Stranger Family could be falling apart. A few months ago, rumours had started that Junai Kaden had left. Fans were told he was on a break but it has recently been explained that the rumours are true as the singer was unhappy with the progression of his music career under Tiffin Beats records.

Just recently, Culture Shock spoke out about their experience working with the Stranger Family but more importantly working with their manager Jamal Hirani after they agreed to collaborate with them on the XOXO tour which has been cancelled after apparently ticket sales for the shows were poor.

In a video released on Youtube, the trio explained that due to unprofessionalism from Jamal, they were unable to attend concerts to perform.

Jamal was quick to follow and release a lengthy statement about the incident but other than explaining what had happened, one bit of detail in the statement stood out very much.

“With reference to Ramee, she felt that what happened in Glasgow was the managements fault and thus has decided to leave the Stranger Family brand.

“Ramee is a Tiffin Beats Records contracted artist and although we are disappointed that she has aired her views in public, the label and its management are in no way in breach of any of its contractual duties and have in fact invested a lot of time, effort and money in developing her career. We will continue to have constructive dialogue with her to come to an amicable position.”

The 18 – year – old singer posted a tweet on her Twitter page which was then shortly deleted afterwards. But to make sure her fans knew that she hadn’t deleted the tweet herself, she clarified on her Facebook page:

“manager jamal has deleted my tweet of twitter, so if my facebook goes off…Its not me. #LoveMyLadooz xxx”

It appears Ramee has chosen to speak her mind further, and has sided with Culture Shock over the incident in Glasgow as she posted their video on her Facebook page as support that their story is the truth. Along with siding with Culture Shock, she also made a decision to leave the Stranger Family brand.

The Peengh singer posted another message on her Facebook page for her fans explaining her choice to leave the Stranger Family brand, saying:

“I am no longer a part of the “Stranger Family for reasons involving myself and my manager. I will mizz Mumzy, Tasha, Char & Javier very much. They are astounding artists.

“Working with Mumzy Stranger was an honour! An incredible singer and music producer. I wish them all the best in the future. I am very grateful and thankful to my team for getting me where I am today. But due to the continuous sheer unprofessionalism from my manager Jamal Hirani, I no longer want to work with him.”

Ramee concluded to say:

“This is not the end of me; I will still continue to work hard and do my music. I hope I still get the same love and support from all my Ladoos’ as I’ve always had.”

By Aliyaah

 Be Asian


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