Culture Shock And Tiffin Beats Both Speak Out On Why XOXO Tour Has Been Cancelled


It was announced that Culture Shock and the Stranger Family would be collaborating on a tour where they would visit 10 cities and 11 different venues.

In a video that has been released on Youtube, the clip starts off showing Culture Shock waiting for their transport so that they can get to their next gig but as it happens, no one has booked them their transport to get them to the venue they were expected to be at.

It seems to be a bit confusing at first but after watching the clip, it appears that the trio were left stranded as manager Jamal Hirani of the Stranger Family and Tiffin Beats record label, had forgotten to book transport.

Baba Kahn starts the explanation, as he takes the role of being the teacher as he tells the story:

“A lot of things have been going on and we’ve been silent until now until now because we’ve been prepping how to break down the exact story that’s been happening.

“So if you want to treat us like children, we’re gonna take you to school. Now that goes up to one particular person. Jamal, Tiffin Beats.”

He went on to express the reason why they had decided to collaborate with the Stranger Family, saying:

“The reason why we’re in the UK for this tour, Jamal, Tiffin Beats. The reason why we did the single XOXO with the Stranger Family… Hold on hold on…who suggested the single?”

Lomaticc replies:

“Jamal Tiffin Beats.”

Kahn then went on to explain a recent problem, saying:

“we landed in Glasgow last Thursday, we got into a van at 10am and we couldn’t get to Glasgow till literally 1am because of poor professionalism and organisation.”

He then pointed out a question, asking:

“Does anybody know?”

Brown answered:

“Jamal Tiffin Beats.”

He continued:

“You seeing the progress? Now, the tour was cancelled after this because Jamal from Tiffin Beats failed to pay Culture Shock and the Stranger Family. Simple. So that means, Jamal from Tiffin Beats is done. That means XOXO tour is done.”

But one thing that they wanted to make sure their fans understood and was that the reason they are musicians is because of the fans that have brought them to the point they are now in their careers and in the music industry.

Kahn said:

“The love isn’t done because we do not do this for the money ladies and gentlemen. We do this for the fans in the UK, the support of the UK, and the people all over the world. That’s how we’ve been built and that’s how we’re going to continue to rock.”

Brown also clarified the same reason, saying:

“You know regardless of what is happening, Culture Shock didn’t come here just for the money. We actually came here for you guys, our fans. And we’ve gotta stay here and do whatever we can to reach you guys and get everything done.”

The group then move on from the situation they had unpredictably been landed into as Kahn revealed their next set of dates and places of their next few gigs which you can catch them on:

November 7th Birmingham – Brit Asia Uni Tour Gatecrasher

Glasgow – To be announced

November 10th Birmingham – Hyatt Hotel

November 10th Manchester – Urban Shisha

November 11th London – City Pavilion

At the end, Brown, Kahn and Lomaticc humbly thanked those who have helped them:

“We want to thank our fans, the media, the promoters, the industry people from all the support we’ve been getting. Especially Manj from RDB, Surinder Rattan and the one and only Nindy Kaur for all the support and the help we’ve got from them.”

Since Culture Shock have explained themselves, Tiffin Beats Records have released a lengthy statement on the incident. The record label explains how the Culture Shock and the Stranger Family decided upon the collaboration.

“XOXO Tour The XOXO tour was setup as collaboration between Culture Shock and Tiffin Beats Records to showcase both UK & Canadian artists. The spirit of collaboration was started in July with the two teams working together on a track called XOXO whilst both management teams worked together on the UK tour.”

The record label reveals that they were given no marketing support by Culture Shock, an aspect that they were left to take care off. As Culture Shock explained that they were left waiting to be taken to Glasgow and arrived there at 1am, Tiffin Beats also clarify exactly what had happened.

“Unfortunately no marketing support was given by Culture Shock despite various promises and assurances given by them. Culture Shock arrived in UK at Gatwick arrivals on 1st November the day of the first tour at 11am, Security and tour bus driver had been waiting since 10:30am. They were whisked onto the bus immediately and the tour bus continued on its journey to Glasgow via pick up of Stranger Family members. On route to Glasgow, the tour bus trailer suffered a puncture. The recovery company took over 2 hours to recover the vehicle and Tiffin Beats Management commandeered 2 cabs from Sheffield at a cost of £700 to get the artists across to Glasgow in order not to let the fans down. Unfortunately the artists arrived nearer 1am and the venue closed at 12:30am. Despite all our efforts the artists were unable to perform. All ticket holders were informed that another gig would be setup so not to let the fans down.”

After earning of the poor ticket sales for the tour, Tiffin Beats management decided that it would be best that the tour was cancelled as not enough tickets were sold.

“Culture Shock were informed before the tour that ticket sales were very poor (350 tickets out of 4400 were sold) and following Glasgow, Newcastle and Bradford, the Tiffin Beats management decided to cut its losses and cancel the rest of the tour as the UK audience were not interested in seeing both sets of artists and ticket sales reflected that. Culture Shock were contracted to perform 11 shows at $2272 per show which was inclusive of all expenses. They were paid $5000 in September as a deposit and subsequently, $3000 dollars was spent on them over the first 4 days to cover hotels, transportation, food and petty cash. The payment owed for the 3 shows were $6818 and they were paid $8000.”

The record label are said to be ‘disappointed’ on the press release video that the Canadian band have put out, as they wanted their fans to know their version of the story.

“It is very disappointing that they put a blog out stating that they have received no payment which is a complete lie. The reality is that there was no buzz on Culture Shock in the UK and they did nothing to help create any. Tiffin Beats made a business decision to cancel the tour having suffered a loss of £15k rather than continue making a further loss. We were disappointed however in reality only 150 ticket holders were disappointed and they were fully refunded. Culture Shock is only trying to deflect the reality which is the lack of their popularity in UK by trying to target the blame on to the management.

“They forgot the spirit of collaboration and the vision of accessing new fans and instead have resorted to blame culture in the public eye. With reference to Ramee, she felt that what happened in Glasgow was the managements fault and thus has decided to leave the Stranger Family brand. Ramee is a Tiffin Beats Records contracted artist and although we are disappointed that she has aired her views in public, the label and its management are in no way in breach of any of its contractual duties and have in fact invested a lot of time, effort and money in developing her career. We will continue to have constructive dialogue with her to come to an amicable position.

 “Tiffin Beats Records have and always will put our fans first and make every effort to give them amazing music and access to see its artists perform. We at Tiffin Beats are very lucky to have such dedicated and loyal fans and fully appreciate the many messages of support we have received from them and many professionals from the industry.”

Since both parties have released statements, explaining their sides of the story it seems that someone isn’t telling the truth. We’re not going to be pointing any fingers at anyone but as it is always said, there’s always someone covering their tracks so that their true identity isn’t revealed. Which is a shame as fans will always believe what they are told.

Check out the full video of Culture Shock talking about Jamal from Tiffin Beats right here:

By Aliyaah

Be Asian 

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