Will The N-Dubz Family Ever Stop Fighting?


So everyones probably thinking ‘When will we see an N-Dubz reunion?’ well don’t get your hopes up! It seems as if the group still have a long way to go before they start becoming the loveable trio that they were.

Tulisa spoke to MTV about issues the band is having, and it doesn’t sound like she and her ex, Fazer are even talking. she says,

“It’s simple, if me and Fazer are having an argument or not particularly talking at this point in time, I’m not going to start tweeting his single, it’s just common sense”.

theres more..

“When people say are you talking to the boys, when I was in the band and I finished work I wouldn’t be talking to the boys, we are three people that are completely different, we were open about that when we were in the band, we’re still open about that today, we used to argue on records, that is what makes N-Dubz N-Dubz”.

Don’t lose all hope guys, it seems Tulisa is all up for the reunion but she feels its up to Dappy and Fazer to make it happen, she adds to her comments:

“I’m the one that gets asked it all the time, go and ask Dappy and Fazer”.

Would you want to see N-Dubz on stage once again?

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