One of the most popular movie and television performers of Pakistan, Veena Malik who also has become well known as a speaker for the rights of women and as the face for the liberal population of Pakistan to arrive at Helsinki.

The woman behind 12 movies and several immensely popular TV series will visit Finland to collaborate with the Finnish visual artist Vesa Kivinen.

Together they will create five varied art pieces that focus into finding common ground and beauty over the usually promoted differences between the East and the West. Part of the profits generated from these works will go towards a charitable organization promoting women’s rights in Pakistan.

Veena Malik has already been one of the countries most popular performers for a long time, but her popularity rocketed to the current level only after she starred in the Indian version of Big Brother, Big Boss. The Pakistani Mufti, Sahib, criticized her heavily on television for acting against Islam and Pakistan. Her objections and pointing out the Muftis double standards turned the television broadcast into a massive Youtube hit, that made the women’s rights in Pakistan a hot topic also in Europe. The video was broadcasted here on several major television channels including BBC. Big Boss and her widely broadcasted confrontation with the Mufti ended up helping her career in India’s Bollywood, where she currently has 5 movies in the pipeline. In addition to acting she actively works with multiple charity projects, and collaborates with WHO for example.

Vesa Kivinen is best known in Finland for his collaboration with Leif Segerstam’s “Völvan” symphony, and his charity project with Miss Finland Noora Hautakangas. Malik was very impressed of Kivinen’s art when he contacted her UK  management Sahdev Media , and despite her busy schedule she wanted to collaborate with him because of her love for art.

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