Nyms Releases New Single WOT

She hasn’t been on the music scene for long but Nyms is already making waves. The singer, songwriter and producer has released her single WOT (Waste Of Time). The single WOT comes after she dropped her debut track Whoa, an up-tempo single.

The single WOT showcases her talent as a producer and a songwriter alongside being a singer; the track being a high beat record with elements of elated chord, with a rapid start.

The track comes at a time where it states itself to be retro but still fresh, it’s almost as though Nyms is bringing back pop music with her exceptional voice, something that the London based singer quotes herself saying

‘I never really liked my voice’

in her biography when she had first started out in her early years of being a singer.

As the singer candidly proclaims she never used to like her voice, the track expresses her gift for singing as the single speaks out that she doesn’t need the help of autotune – an aspect that many artists decide to use since they can’t rely on their natural vocal sound (take note!).

And whilst its always been said that being a Brown person doesn’t mean you have to stay true to your roots and make Asian music, Nyms doesn’t forget her roots of being a Desi and even includes a lyrical line singing,

“Daddy find another guy, this one was a waste of time”.

When she had first started out the singer admits to throwing herself ‘in the deep end by performing in front of industry professionals’ but learnt that she needed to start from the bottom up to the top to gain her success.  Beginning in the bottom, helped Nyms to be able to gain herself opportunities, performing at small venues around London and even landing herself a break to perform at London Gay Pride festival from which her career went forward.

Nyms resembles a lot of mainstream artists; The Saturdays, Girls Aloud, the Spice Girls and Sugababes to name a few. It’s safe to say that perhaps the new artist has opened a new door to a lot of new forthcoming female artists since there aren’t many existing or present pop singers.

Nyms has also dropped a music video for the track, which sees the singer to be delivering her talent in a low budget music video. In a sophisticated manner, the video is impressive.

 Nyms: WOT

Fans will also be able to download the track for free at the link below.


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