Sunil Sehgal Leaks ‘Call Me Maybe’ DesiDrum Mix


While Sunil Sehgal is busy on the East Coast creating original Urban Bhangra beats, he is experimenting with new technology and remixing along the way. With each project a learning experience, Sunil is now leaking a studio remix for the Top 40 hit “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepson.

“This track started off as an experiment while teaching music programming to my daughter. ‘Call Me Maybe’ has been her favorite song and I decided to use it as a learning playground. We ended up programming drums in the morning and later in the day I realized that this could be a song on its own and went to work! Later that night, I had a new version of this song bumping,”

Sunil reveals.

Earlier this season, Sunil launched the new chapter in his career with a charity based project. His single, “1984” remembered the Sikh riots. While his song educates a generation on forgotten history, his mission is to give back.

“Call Me Maybe” DesiDrum Mix adds a lighter note to Sunil’s discography and now has fans guessing what this producer will have for them next!

“Call Me Maybe” the DesiDrum Mix is available for free download on Soundcloud

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