Nicki Minaj Hits Back At T In The Park Festival ‘Grass’ Rumours


Just recently earlier this month, Nicki Minaj participated to perform at the T In The Park Festival but as it happens, it didn’t go smoothly as the Young Money star was called to be an –over-the-top diva as apparently she had demanded that the grass around her dressing room was too long and should be cut.

A source told newspaper The Sun at the time:

“Nicki went off on one about the grass around her area, saying it was far too long for her to walk on.

“She threw a complete strop, pouting and pointing and asking someone to get a lawnmower to sort it out.”

After hearing of the rumours, the 29 – year – old decided to end the rumours when she spoke to Australia’s Sunday Herald Sun, saying:

“It’s the most absurd thing I’ve heard printed about me in a very long time. Who gives two f**ks about someone’s grass? I was wearing my wellies and it was all mud.”

Nicki then finished saying that she
wouldn’t go as far as demanding someone to cut grass around her dressing room:

“ I would never tell anyone to cut grass, I don’t give two s**ts about anyone’s grass. I went to the festival happy to have an outdoorsy type experience. Why would I go somewhere and ask somebody to cut grass? It’s sad because I can’t defend myself against these lies.”

It looks as though someone had too much time on their hands to tattletale.

By Aliyaah



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