MC Ultra Gets Close To Tulisa LookAlike In New Music Video – Have You Ever

MC Ultra has released the video to his new single ‘Have You Ever’. The main girl in the video seems to strongly resembles ex girlfriend Tulisa Contostavlos.


The young Artist Mc Ultra, real name Justin Edwards, seems he has put the sex scandal behind him as he cavorts with bikini-clad babes on a boat in the pop clip.

As well as living it up with friends on a beach, Edwards is also featured getting cosy with a sunglasses-wearing brunette who bears a striking resemblance to his ex Tulisa Contostavlos.


The video also shows Ultra riding around in a car with his pals before dressing up and performing at a nightclub, where he pours a drink into a girl’s open mouth.

Does that sound familiar?

There is no doubt the artist wants to get back at Tulisa, let’s see what happens next.

Here is Ultra’s new video Have You Ever


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