Scorcher’s Comeback


As you already know, early July saw the release of Dappys Tarzan 2, he is heard dissing several celebrities in the controversial track including the likes of Wiley, Tinie Tempah, Scorcher and many more.

Yesterday Scorcher took to Twitter and said,


This morning he Tweeted,


Then just a few minutes after Tweeted,


Thats right, Scorcher released a comeback! Not just any comeback using Dappys ‘Spaceship’ beat Scorcher came back good and proper. He talks about Tulisa’s sex tap and gestures towards Dappys alleged Cocain usage amongst other disses, its clear to us that he doesn’t do things by halves.

A few hours ago Scorcher had tweeted


As expected fans went wild and the Tweets were rolling in, there are many mixed reviews on Scorchers ‘Rockstar’ release. After listening to it we can safely say its a dirty battle between the two rappers, who wins only you can decide…

Scorcher – Rockstar


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